In the Genes

I grew up believing my ethnicity was Irish. Assuming the red hair, green eyes, and a fiery personality fits the stereotypical idea of someone of Irish decent.

My beliefs were confirmed when I received my DNA results from Ancestry. What I found was the following ethnicity estimate. I am 48% Ireland & UK, 34% Western Europe, (Germany, France, & Switzerland,) 12% Scandinavian, (Sweden, Denmark & Norway.) The trace amounts are 2% Great Britain, 1% Finland & Northwest Russia, 1% Italy & Greece, <1% Iberian Penninsula, and <1% Eastern Europe, (Poland, Ukraine, & Belarus. Wow. That's a lot to process.

Since I have no patience to spend hours poring over my family tree, I rely heavily on my husband. He can sit for hours and patiently scrutinize Evans family roots.


Together, we have discovered six generations of the Evans family going back to the mid-sixteen hundreds. Bill is working on uncovering my six generation great-grandfather from Great Britan. The information has, for now, reached a dead-end. But we will not be deterred. We will pursue the information and discover his identity.

Who Begat Whom

My head is spinning from all the details, but let me see if I can enlighten you on the Evans clan.

These findings are as they relate to me. If you are interested in discovering more, I encourage you to go to

  • Morryce (Maurice) Evans (6th great-grandfather) was born in 1650. No other details.
  • Walter Evans (5th great-grandfather) was born 1682 in Great Britain, Wales. He moved to Halifax, Va in 1705 and bought 420 acres of land in King Willaim County, VA for 45 shillings. He married Joyce Patterson.
  • George Henry Evans (4th great-grandfather) was born in Halifax, VA in 1733. He fought in the Civil War for the Confederate Virginia Volunteer Infantry. He married Ann Nightengale.
  • Edward P. Evans (3rd great-grandfather) was born in 1758 in Halifax, VA. He married Elizabeth Howard.
  • Elijah Evans (2nd great-grandfather) was born in 1797 in Knox County, Laurel, Kentucky. He was married to Matilda Moore. 
  • William Lafayette Evans (grandfather) was born in Laurel, Kentucky. He married to Nancy Dalton.
  • Otis Richard Evans (father) was born in 1907 in London, Kentucky. He married Cleda (no middle name) Grills.

You know the rest of the story.

Inquiring Mind Wants to Know

I am absolutely fascinated by relatives I never knew. I would love to have a conversation with each of them. For instance, I would ask Walter about his trip from Europe to the states on the immigration ship. I would want to ask George if he fought at Gettysburg and what he thought about abolition and Abraham Lincoln. I would ask Grandpa William Lafayette what kind of a little boy my father was.

Since that’s not possible, my imagination will have to suffice.


All of these people are branches on our family tree. They extend six generations and connect us all.

Knowing this information makes me even more curious about my roots. But most of all, it makes me proud to be an Evans.